Homemade Poetry

Oshan Kesa Lights

Oshan Kesa is a small design studio focused exclusively on the production of lighting and was born out of a genetic mutation of several traditional handicrafts pertaining to contemporary art-design. Oshan Kesa fuses together techniques from various arts and crafts such as tailoring and carpentery.


The philosophy of Oshan Kesa is based on the assumption that lighting is the best way to represent the private space and that of intimacy. We believe that lights are the warmest and most significant objects of an inhabited interior. From a fire ignited in a cave to a lamp hung above the kitchen table there is just a technological step. The essence stays the same: a lamp as an object is the most explicit way of infusing space with  intimacy and privacy.


We give lighting  a unique chance to  regain its singularity and its capacity to express as fully as possible the individual character of a human being. In a world of identical objects mass produced  in millions of copies and set-up through standard procedures in the same cubical spaces, Oshan Kesa aims to create a domestic ambiance  in which light is saturated with poetry.


This is why Oshan Kesa lights have imaginary and poetic shapes. Some of them seem to have been created by the natural life processes of evolution in our surrounding environment, as if they have been found hung from the branches of trees in a forest, hiding on the bottom of an ocean, floating along a river or lying on the shores of a lake. Others seem to have come from a dreamland, from a world of illusions or from a poet’s mind.