Homemade Poetry





Oshan Kesa lamps are completely handmade. The entire process, from producing the fabric for the lampshade to its painting and moulding into its final form, consists of an elaborate manual work undertaken with love and care for every small detail. All the dyes used for Oshan Kesa lamps are environmentally friendly.




Each Oshan Kesa lamp is unique. The pattern of the lampshade is impossible to reproduce, even by the artisan who had created it in the first place. The process by which the singular lampshade pattern comes to life, is only partially controlled, as it is more of a process of auto-creation which develops according to natural laws rather than (following) the artisan’s will.




One of the essential qualities of Oshan Kesa lamps is their weightlessness. We could say they are light as light.




Oshan Kesa lamps are made out of PergalemnÒ, a 100% eco-friendly handmade fabric. Pergalemn is a laminated aerated multilayered product, a type of hand made veneer, thin, light and translucent, which filters the light in a poetic way.